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10 Fun Vacation Ideas on a Budget

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10 Fun Vacation Ideas on a Budget

According to ValuePenguin, the average family drops a whopping $4,700 on the yearly vacation -- a situation that's just not going to work for those living on a tight income.

When you're looking for vacation ideas on a budget, check out our list of top-ten options that will have the whole family relaxed and having fun without breaking the bank:

1. Day Trip

When hotel fees stretch the budget a little too thin, pack up the kids and take a day trip instead. You'll save money on lodging, airfare and gas, which might leave you a little more to play with when it comes to dining out and shopping for souvenirs.

2. Amusement Park

Most towns have an amusement park within driving distance. When you can't afford the beach or that week spent in the mountains, opt for a fun-filled day at your favorite fun park instead. Kids of all ages will enjoy this alternative to a formal and pricey vacation.

3. Visiting the Relatives 

If you have friends or family who live within lodging distance of a major attraction, take advantage of your yearly vacation to catch up while saving fees on resort prices. Staying with friends who live just outside the park is a much cheaper option than booking in-season.

4. Road Trip

Another option is to pack a luxury picnic lunch and a map and take a weekend road trip. Sleep in the van, or tote a tent along to take advantage of your local campgrounds.

5. Guided Tour

Can't afford a formal vacation this year? Book a tour of a local vineyard, cavern or other nearby attraction. A hour's-long river cruise can be every bit as romantic as a weekend spent at your favorite beach resort. It'll be much more economical as well.

6. Unexpected Adventure

Set off on an unplanned adventure. Take a hot-air balloon ride or go geo-caching for fun. It won't cost you much, and it's a fun day that the whole family will remember.

7. Off-Season Vacation

Have your heart set on that little cabin in the woods by the lake? Try booking in the off-season instead of mid-summer. You'll enjoy the cooler fall temperatures and maybe you'll catch the changing of the autumn leaves.

8. Coupon Deals

Scour the Internet and local papers for coupon deals that affect all your favorite summer hot spots. Small savings scored on trips to the ice rink, Movie Theater and local laser tag course add up to big summer fun that's highly affordable.

9. Go Camping

Forget pricey hotels. Buy a family-size tent instead. Campgrounds offer much lower rates to campers who book tent sites as opposed to cabins. And some national parks will let you camp for free or for just dollars a carload.

10. Borrow an RV

Have a good friend, aunt or uncle who's willing to loan you his RV for a week? Take him up on the offer and take the family on an RV vacation that's every bit as good as making formal reservations.


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