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20 Back to School Tips for Staying Organized This Year

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20 Back to School Tips for Staying Organized This Year

It’s that time again when summer fun and chaos comes to an end, and we begin to take the steps needed to get organized for the new school year. From managing class schedules and carpools to attending sports and dance practice, being on top of it all is a full-time job in itself!

Here are some helpful back to school tips to get you organized and stay that way all year long.

20 Tips for An Organized Year:


1. File it Away -

Dedicate a drawer in your home filing cabinet to use for the school year. Make a folder for each class (for each child) and use it to store past assignments and any other necessary documents they may need.

2. Be Prepared -

Avoid the “I forgot I had a project due tomorrow” issue by keeping a supply of poster board, markers, index cards, and other supplies on hand.

3. Be a Planner -

Teach kids time management with day planners that allow them to organize themselves. They should refer to it for homework assignments, projects, practices, etc. so they are aware of their schedule and what is expected of them.

4. Create a Lunchbox Selection -

Use reusable plastic containers with lids to store snacks for school lunches. Keep them near your child’s lunch boxes so they can be grabbed easily when making lunches.

5. Screen Time -

Set the limits for screen time before school starts so you can easily regulate the amount of time they spend online, so you don’t have to constantly monitor it. Setting the time limits now ensures there’s plenty of time left for schoolwork.

6. On-The-Go Emergency Bags -

Make small bags to keep in your car for those unexpected school “emergencies” that always seem to happen. Consider a homework bag with extra pencils, calculator, ruler, and other homework tools as well as a tech bag with chargers for electronics, batteries, and other tech supplies often forgotten but needed.

7. Create a Homework Space -

Making a dedicated homework space and stocking the essentials like pencils, markers, rulers, and a pencil sharpener makes for easy homework time each day and gives them a place to spread out to do projects as well.

8. Pick Outfits for the Week -

Have children select an outfit for each day on Sunday evening to avoid less morning stress and get them out the door quicker!

9. Punctual Bedtimes -

Do not underestimate the amount of sleep kids need while in school! Even older kids and teens can benefit from a good night’s sleep. Younger kids need 10 to 12 hours each night and teens need at least 8.

10. No Late Fees -

Designate a basket for library books. While it does not actually return the books before the due date for you, at least you will be able to find them all when it’s time to take them back.

11. Keep Cords Cool -

School-related electronics and their cables can be a real pain. Simply grab a Sharpie or attach a label from a label maker with the name of the device on each cord to easily identify an item you want to remove or plug-in.

12. Clothing Review -

Have kids try on all of their clothes before each new season and get rid of clothes that no longer fit or that have seen better days to avoid clutter and keep closets organized for the school year.

13. Organize Gear and Supplies for Extracurricular Activities -

Avoid looking for sports equipment and ballet shoes every day by putting an organizer in your trunk. Each weekend fill it with the necessary gear needed for the week ahead for stress-free practices!

14. Backpack Drop -

Establish a certain place for kids to keep their backpacks and other school items to avoid clutter and looking for misplaced school items when you are trying to get out the door in the mornings!

15. Mark Your Days -

Use a large family calendar to keep track of all of the happenings in your household. Try color-coding activities for each family member to make it easier to keep organized.

16. De-Clutter Each Week -

You might be surprised just how much junk a kid’s book bag can collect in a short period of time! Designate a day each week, perhaps Sunday evening, to have everyone empty, clean, add supplies, and organize their book bags.

17. Update Medical Info -

Be sure to get all the necessary immunizations required for school, sports physicals, and other required documents and medical forms completed before school starts to avoid the first day of school overload of things to do.

18. Create a Morning Routine -

Planning and executing a school morning routine for everyone is the perfect way to keep chaos to a minimum during the school year. Everyone will know what to do and what is expected of them to get the day off to a good start!

19. Put a Name On It -

Taking the time to label your child’s school supplies, jackets, sporting equipment, lunch boxes, etc. will make it so much easier to find things when they are in the lost and found box at school or left behind at a game or practice.

20. Make a Checklist -

Help your child get organized by making a checklist of things that need to be accomplished or remembered. Utilize checklists for assignments due, chores at home, and reminders about projects and classes. Making a list of items due then checking them off the list when completed will help them stay on track and give them a feeling of accomplishment.


Deer Valley Credit Union wishes you and your family much success in the new school year and hopes that these back to school tips can help you be as organized and stress-free as possible. We are here to help your family with college savings plans, auto loans for your student’s first car, and more. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!


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