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Fraud Prevention Tips: Debit Cards

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Fraud Prevention Tips: Debit Cards

It’s so easy to pull out your debit card for payment and quickly be on your way. In fact, pause for a moment . . . think about how many times a day you use it for coffee, gas, groceries and everyday purchases. This may include when you pass it through a drive-thru window, insert it for payment at a counter or type it into the shopping cart on your web browser.

Your card, along with your checking account and personal identity, leaves your hands over and over again. This fact is something that identity thieves love to exploit.

So, Deer Valley Credit Union wants to arm you with knowledge to help you avoid fraud and prevent identity theft. Let’s begin with:

  1. Set up eAlerts for free via online banking. Click the eNotify link at the top and follow the simple steps.
  2. If it looks unusual, don’t swipe or insert your card. This is especially important when it comes to gas pumps, where skimming is prevalent. When in doubt, go to the counter.
  3. Skip unfamiliar or unsecure websites. Watch for the padlock symbol in the browser address bar to verify that you are on a secure connection before entering card details.
  4. Use the credit button on purchases over $50. With a Visa® guarantee, your DVCU debit card offers zero liability when you sign for purchases, so that you are not responsible for fraudulent card use, online or offline.
  5. Apply strong passwords and PINs. Anywhere you save or enter your debit card, put solid security measures in place (i.e., don’t use birthdays or easy-to-guess passwords).

Whether it's online security or overall fraud prevention, your debit card should be used wisely. Also, be sure to monitor your monthly card statement and periodically check your credit report.