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Save on Your Wedding

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Save on Your Wedding

He popped the question. She said, "Yes!" In the movies, there is a stroll into the sunset or a fast forward to the white picket fence.

While getting married is an extremely happy time in one's life, in reality, there are still many details ahead. This includes a lot of wedding planning and a wedding budget to consider. Here are some tips on how to save!

How to Save on Your Wedding:


How to be frugal without hindering the experience

It is possible. Being cost conscious means thinking through all of your options. In fact, now is the perfect time to begin planning and we have a few tips to help:

1. Keep your wedding party intimate.

Choose one or two close friends or family to stand with you on your big day. Or, skip the wedding party and make it just about the two of you as a couple. You can still designate a "maid of honor" or "best man" to plan the bachelorette and bachelor parties, as well as sign as witnesses on the marriage license.

2. Make your own wedding invitations.

Go through an online print vendor, or use your home printer to create a classic but effective invitations for family and friends.

3. Choose a dear friend to oversee the wedding shower.

Let him or her know that you consider this their wedding gift and that you honor them for their support.

4. Trim the guest list.

Instead of giving in to pressure to invite every cousin, coworker, neighbor and pet sitter you know, select people who you truly want to be there.

5. See what skills are in your network.

Do you know a great amateur photographer? Do you have a friend with a gift for decorating? Can you think of someone who does hair or makeup? Who in your circles is an outstanding baker? Invite them to the wedding (or simply the wedding shower) and ask for a "gift" of their services instead of a present.

7. Get creative about location.

Maybe you know of a fabulous public park with sweeping grounds and shade trees. Perhaps you have a friend with a stellar backyard. Look for locations that offer beauty and comfort without costing you several months’ mortgage.

8. Be thoughtful about flowers.

Focus on the bouquet and find other cost-effective but tasteful ways to decorate the wedding location.
Tap into your smartphone for your big day’s soundtrack. It’s amazing how much you can do with a music app and your phone, when you add a simple speaker system.


What if I want an amazing honeymoon?

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